Jess Jamieson is a vibrant and dedicated member of the Garie Nigel Hairwork family, whose passion for hairstyling and remarkable talent have made her an invaluable asset to the team.

Jess embarked on her journey with Garie Nigel Hairwork in October 2020, and from the very beginning, she impressed everyone with her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. As a hardworking hair designer, she quickly became a favourite among clients, with her creativity and attention to detail.

Jess loves to colour!  With a keen eye for blending shades and creating stunning colour palettes, she brings life and vibrancy to all her colour clientele.  However, her expertise extends beyond cutting and colouring; she recently achieved certification as a Nano-Ring hair extensionist, showcasing her commitment to expanding her skill set and providing clients with a wide range of options to enhance their hair.

Jess’s journey within Garie Nigel Hairwork has been nothing short of inspiring. Starting as a Creative Designer, she displayed remarkable talent and dedication, quickly earning her place as an integral member of the team. Her hard work and creativity has lead to her recent promotion as a Creative Director within the salon. This achievement is a testament to her exceptional commitment.

Outside the salon, Jess shares her passion and creativity on her Instagram account, @jessicajamiesonhairdesign. Here, she showcases her innovative designs, colour transformations and hair extension work, captivating her audience and inspiring fellow hairstylists and enthusiasts alike.

With her infectious enthusiasm and commitment to her craft, Jess is set to leave a lasting impression on her clients.