With a keen eye for colour and a passion for hair artistry, Ellë embarked on her journey with the Garie Nigel Hairwork family in early 2020. Since then, her dedication and creativity have elevated her to the position of Creative Director.

Ellë’s love for colour is exceptional; it’s an obsession that fuels her every move in the world of hairstyling. From the subtle strokes of balayage to the precision of foil highlights and the intricacies of colour corrections, Ellë’s experience is renowned. She is also a hair extension specialist, using Nano-Ring natural extensions to create length and body.

One of Ellë’s significant contributions to the salon has been the introduction of the Eleven Australia range, a testament to her innovative spirit. With an extraordinary synergy and an innate understanding of each product’s unique properties, she has seamlessly integrated these exceptional products into the salon’s repertoire. Her discerning taste and commitment to quality have enhanced the overall experience for clients, enabling them to continue the ‘Garie Nigel Hairwork’ experience at home.

Beyond her technical prowess, Ellë is a true artist. Her Instagram account, @ellecarvathhair_ serves as a canvas where she showcases her work.