With a career spanning over three decades, Jackie is a seasoned professional in the world of hairdressing. Since 1989, she has been dedicated to her craft, infusing her work with passion and creativity.

Jackie’s journey in hairdressing is marked by a deep appreciation for the time spent with her clients. From the initial consultation to the final result, she values the process of transformation, understanding that it’s not just about cutting or styling hair; it’s about enhancing an individual’s uniqueness and confidence.

What sets Jackie apart is her versatility and ability to adapt to her clients’ desires. She thrives on creating looks that range from contemporary and trendy to classic, timeless and glamorous, all depending on what her clients need and envision.  With her own naturally curly hair, Jackie possesses a deep understanding of styling, cutting, and colouring techniques specifically tailored for curly hair and specialises in enhancing the natural beauty of curls.

Among Jackie’s strengths are her expertise in colour correction, creative colouring and precise cutting and how crucial it is to design a hairstyle that not only suits a client’s hair type, but also complements their personality and lifestyle.

Jackie’s creative journey is fuelled by a range of inspirations. She keeps her finger on the pulse of current fashion trends, draws inspiration from ‘red carpet’ hair and infuses her work with a sense of glamour that truly stands out. Her dedication to staying updated with the latest trends ensures that her clients receive cutting-edge styles and timeless elegance.

For Jackie, hairdressing is more than just a job; it’s a way of life. She finds her true calling in expressing her creativity through her work. Her dedication has led her to achieve the position of “Creative Director,” a role which not only recognises the great work she consistently delivers, but also ensures the efficient day-to-day running of the salon.