Introducing Monet, our visionary Creative Director whose journey into the world of hairdressing began straight out of school. Even in her early years, she displayed a flair for the artistry of hair, spending evenings and Saturdays in the family salon, where her passion for the craft truly ignited.

Determined to refine her skills, Monet embarked on an apprenticeship, a decision that set her on a path to excellence. Her dedication and hard work culminated in her qualification in 2011, marking the foundation of her professional journey.

In 2014, Monet’s exceptional talent shone brightly when she emerged as one of the ten finalists from thousands of entries in the prestigious TIGI Inspirational Youth Programme. This recognition further validated her commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity in the hair industry.

Monet’s reputation as a luminary in her field is perhaps most evident in her mastery of colour techniques. Her creations have garnered widespread acclaim, positioning her as a true innovator. Beyond colour, she is also a qualified expert in the application of Nano-Ring Hair Extensions. Monet places high importance on the complementary consultation process, providing clients with thorough discussions on extension quantities, timings and costs. Equally vital is her dedication to aftercare, ensuring that clients continue to enjoy the benefits of their extensions long after their salon visit.

Approachable and personable, Monet extends an invitation to clients – both prospective and returning – to sit down for a chat over refreshments and a wealth of magazines and social media accounts teeming with inspiration.   She collaborates with clients to understand their unique aspirations. Booking well in advance is paramount, given Monet’s bustling schedule.

As a Creative Director, alongside colleagues Jackie Caprio and Elle Carvath-Smith, she oversees the salon’s day-to-day operations while continuing to develop and grow her artistry.

Monet’s story is one of dedication, creativity and an unwavering commitment to making every client’s hair journey a masterpiece.   As a cornerstone of our salon, her artistry continues to inspire and captivate all who cross her path.

We are delighted to congratulate Monet on the birth of baby daughter, Bleue Hemi, born on 3 May 2022 and her marriage to Josh on 27 May 2023.

Monet loves motherhood and enjoyed her maternity leave, but is now back in the salon 3 days a week.