Garie embarked on his remarkable career in the world of hairdressing after completing his apprenticeship in Peterborough. Following his training, he returned to his hometown of Stamford, where he began what would become a remarkable journey in the hairdressing industry.

Over the course of the next decade, Garie diligently worked his way up the hairdressing ladder, showcasing his talent and commitment to the craft. His dedication and skill led to him assuming the role of Manager at a local Stamford salon. This role allowed him to hone his expertise and develop a deep understanding of the art of hairdressing and management.

In 1986, a significant milestone in Garie’s career unfolded as he took the bold step of opening his own salon, aptly named “Garie Nigel Hairwork.” This entrepreneurial endeavour was a testament to his vision, determination, and belief in his abilities as a hairdresser.

Throughout his career, Garie has continued to invest in his own education and skill development. He sought out opportunities to expand his knowledge and stay at the forefront of the industry. He attended courses by renowned institutions and professionals, including Vidal Sassoon, Wella and Tigi. This commitment to learning and growth allowed him to incorporate cutting-edge techniques and styles into his work, ensuring his clients received the best services possible.

What sets Garie apart is his unending passion for his work. Even after years of experience, he continues to find excitement in creating fresh and innovative looks for his clients. This passion has not waned, and he remains committed to staying updated with the latest trends by attending fashion shows and exhibitions hosted by the country’s leading hairdressers.

As a testament to his enduring success and the exceptional service provided at “Garie Nigel Hairwork,” the salon has evolved and grown over the years. Garie’s dedication, combined with the hard work of a talented and friendly team, has propelled the salon to a position of prominence in Stamford. In 2021, the business celebrated an incredible 35 years of operation, a milestone that reflects Garie’s unwavering commitment and the loyalty of his clients.

Garie’s career in hairdressing exemplifies the journey of a passionate and skilled professional who has dedicated his life to making people look and feel their best. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring hairdressers and a testament to the enduring power of passion and hard work in the world of beauty and fashion.